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Kennsington Grille Does Fish

By Mark Mangie. Even though I gave up meatless Fridays when I was in high IS Lent, and being from Youngstown we love fish dinners with the fried fish falling off the plate. Unfortunately, I can't do fried food like I used to. So I look for places that offer an alternative. Friday night I had an outstanding broiled cod dinner at Kennsington Grill in Canfield. It was simply served with lots of butter and lemon. Halushki was the side. I am not an Halushki fan so I ordered another side for myself and gave Ginger the Halushki. She said it was wonderful. Kennsington Grill is an interesting place. The food is always good. It is a great place to go in the summer with its terrace overlooking the golf course. I don't like the set-up in the winter where they try to utilize that outside space with some make shift arrangements and portable heaters...but the inside space makes up for it with a clubby, warm and cozy ambiance. We always see people we know there making it extra fun. Notwithstanding anything else...that broiled cod will go down as one of my more memorable meals. Will be back for more.

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